Best Pool Table Felt For The Money: Top-Rated Worsted Cloth For Billiards

Best Pool Table Felt For The Money

There are a lot of things that contribute to a great game of pool. Aside from your own skill, you need a solid table that rolls true, a high-quality cue that shoots straight, and balls to match. The key thing that many players miss is the felt on the playing surface. It might seem like a small detail, but the quality of the felt you play on has a huge impact on your game!

Whether you’re overhauling an older table or trying to upgrade a cheaper model you’ve just bought, it’s in your best interests to know how to buy pool table felt like a pro! We’ve put this guide together to help you out.

Below, you’ll find our current favorite felts for all budgets and some handy buying advice for choosing the best for you!

Picture Product Name Size/Color Options Blend Cost
Championship Saturn II Billiards Cloth Pool Table Felt Championship Saturn II Billiards Cloth/Pool Table Felt 90-inch x 48-inch / Burgundy, Black, Camel, Green, Red 75% Wool 25% Nylon blended woolen fabric $
Championship Burgundy 9ft Invitational Pool Table Felt Championship Invitational Pool Table Felt 9 ft / Burgundy, Blue, Red 75% Wool 25% Nylon $$
Simonis 860 Billiard Cloth Simonis 860 Billiard Cloth 78 inches wide / Red, Burgundy, Camel, Dark Green, Blue, Tournament Green, Green, Electric Blue 90% worsted wool 10% nylon $$$
Simonis 760 Billiard Cloth Simonis 760 Billiard Cloth 78 inches wide / Red, Burgundy, Camel, Dark Green, Blue, Tournament Green, Green, Electric Blue, Gold, Spruce, Marine Blue, Wine, Blue Green 70% worsted wool 30% nylon $$$

Best Pool Table Felt Reviews

Championship Saturn II Billiards Cloth/Pool Table Felt

Championship Saturn II Billiards Cloth Pool Table FeltClick for Price

This Chamionship pool table felt is the least expensive we recommend. We think it’s the least you can spend for a high-quality felt that plays well and lasts a long time.


It’s very practical. The Saturn II blend includes Teflon, which makes this very spill-resistant. That’s why we suggest it for family gamerooms or for man caves where drinks can be a hazard to nicer fabrics.

It plays surprisingly well for the price. This isn’t a worsted wool felt, but the nap on it is relatively smooth. We think it’s perfectly suitable for beginners and intermediate players who are learning the game and developing their skills.


It’s slower than Simonis fabrics, as well as the Invitational from Championship that we recommend below.

As with any nap wool, it’s more prone to pilling and generally less consistent than a worsted wool.

The Teflon material is a nice practical consideration for family gamerooms or man caves where spillages are likely. That said, it does change the performance of the fabric somewhat.

Championship Invitational Pool Table Felt

Championship Burgundy 9ft Invitational Pool Table FeltClick for Price

The Championship Invitational series is a good alternative that costs only slightly more than the Saturn II. It ditches the Teflon to give slightly better playability for intermediate players on a budget.


The Invitational series is still very affordable, but the wool is slightly nicer. The lack of Teflon also makes it a bit faster. It’s better than the Saturn II for intermediate players to advanced players on a budget, as long as you’re not very concerned about spills.

It comes in lots of color options. The link above is for the burgundy blend, but the Invitational is also available in:

Championship Invitational 8-Feet Electric Blue Pool Table Felt

Click for Price


Championship Red 8ft Invitational Pool Table Felt

Click for Price


Like the Saturn II, it’s slower than Simonis felt and may pill over time. If you’re an advanced player who wants something tournament-grade, you’ll have to bite the bullet and invest in a pricier Simonis.

Simonis 860 Billiard Cloth

Simonis 860 Billiard ClothClick for Price

Simonis is by far the leading manufacturer of pool table cloth, and they have been for over two centuries. The 860 blend is our recommendation to the most passionate players who are kitting-out a high-end slate. It’s the smoothest, most consistent and most resilient cloth on the market.


This is a true worsted wool felt. The Championship cloths above are nice, but they’re nap wool which isn’t as consistent or durable as worsted wool. Worsted wool won’t pill or develop inconsistencies over time. It’s fast and smooth from day one on.

It’s unbelievably nice to play on. This is super smooth and all your shots roll true and fast. Something like this can actually be challenging for beginners, but it’s a rewarding experience for advanced players.

We’re not the only ones who swear by Simonis. This cloth is used on most tournament tables and it’s the cloth of choice for passionate players who have high-end tables at home.

Lots of colors and lengths are available at the listing above. You can get this in all sorts of options, all of which are of impeccable quality.


This isn’t quite the fastest felt out there, even though it’s much faster than the Championship blends. If you want something faster, try the 760 blend:

Simonis 760 Billiard ClothClick for Price

However, the 860 is what you’ll find on most competition tables. That’s why we prefer it for home play as well.


Which pool table felt should you buy for your home gameroom?

The Championship Saturn II is the obvious choice for billiards aficionados on a budget. It’s the cheapest cloth on the market that’s worth spending time and money to install. It’s slower and less impeccably-made than the Invitational or the Simonis, but it’s also very practical with spills and plays well enough for any beginner or intermediate player.

The Championship Invitational is a better budget choice for folks who are more concerned about playability than practicality. It doesn’t do as well with spills as the Teflon Saturn II, but it’s faster and as consistent as anything but a Simonis.

The Simonis 860 is the best choice for passionate, competitive players who want to set up a tournament-grade table at home. It’s impeccably-made, professional-grade, and as nice as you’re going to find. The big downside is the price. This is some very, very expensive felt. Don’t get this unless you’re an advanced player who uses your table most days of the week.

The Simonis 760, finally, is a good alternative to the 860 for folks who want a premium felt with a little more zoom than the 860 or your typical tournament table felt. It’s the same quality, only faster.

Buying Guide

Know Your Materials

Pool table felts are made from a few different materials. They change depending on the grade of the fabric and the intended use. High-end, tournament-grade felts are usually a blend of worsted wool and nylon (which adds durability). Cheaper fabrics may use napped wool and nylon, sometimes with Teflon mixed in.

Worsted wool is where it’s at. When you buy a true worsted felt, there’s no pilling or inconsistencies on the playing surface. It’s perfectly smooth, lasts a very long time and looks excellent as it ages.

Napped wool is slower and less even, though it actually appears smoother to the casual observer. The fibers aren’t all the same size, which eventually leads to pilling and other inconsistencies. Still, if you’re on a budget, there are some quite decent nap options.

Nylon is added to all pool table felts produced these days. It makes cloth more resilient and doesn’t detract from the playability of the surface. Expect somewhere between 20-40% nylon in any decent felt.

Teflon blends are good for folks who are more concerned about spills than having a tournament-grade playing surface. They’re perfect for gamerooms where kids will play, for example. However, experienced and ambitious players will probably want to avoid Teflon.

Decide On Your Budget

Decent pool table felts start around $75 and run as high as $400 for premium, professional-grade blends. Beginners and casual home players can do very well for under $150. Anyone who wants a tournament-grade playing surface should plan to spend $250+ for a Simonis felt.

What’s Next

We hope we’ve given you all the information you need to buy your new pool table felt and get playing! If there’s a question we haven’t answered, drop us a line! For more details and to check prices and colors on any of the felts we recommend, simply click on the links in our reviews. You can also check out the rest of our buying guides on our homepage.