Best Foosball Coffee Table: Reviews, Recommendations & DIY Tips

Best Foosball Coffee Table

Foosball tables are insanely fun, but they take up quite a bit of space in your gameroom. If you’ve already got a ping pong table or air hockey table as your gameroom centerpiece, you’ll need to get creative to fit foosball into your home. That’s why foosball coffee tables are such a great idea! Whether you buy a factory model or DIY your own, you can take this fun game and add it to a piece of furniture most folks already have around the house.

Whether you install a foosball coffee table in the den or on the porch, you’ve instantly found a creative way to save space and increase the fun factor at the same time! How’s that for ingenuity?

Below, you’ll find our recommendations for the best foosball coffee tables being produced today. We’ve also included some pointers for folks who want to try and build their own DIY foosball coffee table, either from scratch or by converting a standard factory model.

Read on to learn all about these multipurpose furniture pieces!

Picture Product Name Product Information Cost
EastPoint Sports Coffee Table Soccer Game, Dark Wood Eastpoint Sports Coffee Table Soccer Game • dimensions: 55 in x 23 in x 20 in • Tempered glass tabletop • Convenient side ball return, Complete with 2 foosballs $
Foosball Coffee Game Wood 42 Table Tempered Glass Top Tabletop Furniture Family Dark Brown Barrington Foosball Coffee Game • dimensions: 42 x 28 x 20 inch • 42 inch foosball coffee table $
Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table • dimensions: 47.6 x 28 x 20 inches • weight: 75 pounds $$

Best Foosball Coffee Table Reviews

Eastpoint Sports Coffee Table Soccer Game

EastPoint Sports Coffee Table Soccer Game, Dark WoodClick for Price

This Eastpoint Sports model is our top budget recommendation for a foosball coffee table. It’s simple, inexpensive, and plays relatively well. The construction is all particle board with a wood veneer, but it doesn’t feel like falling apart anytime soon. You ought to get a decent amount of use from this before you have any problems. The action is good, and so is the tempered glass tabletop. All in all, a great choice for casual players who want a good-looking coffee table that won’t break the bank.

Barrington Foosball Coffee Game

Foosball Coffee Game Wood 42 Table Tempered Glass Top Tabletop Furniture Family Dark BrownClick for Price

This Barrington model is a best-seller at a lot of big box stores, and it’s easy to see why. It looks good, plays pretty nicely, and is as cheap as the more utilitarian Eastpoint Sports. We think the Barrington is a good alternative to the Eastpoint for folks who want a more elegant design. It blends better into dark wood decor and traditional furnishings, where the Eastpoint Sports is definitely contemporary. The Barrington is also more solidly-built, with more real wood components and nicer rods.

Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee Table

Chicago Gaming Signature Foosball Coffee TableClick for Price

This Chicago Gaming model is our top quality recommendation in this category. It’s made almost entirely from solid wood and glass, so it feels much better than the models above–both as a furniture piece and as a foosball table. There’s a lot of nice detailing in the woodwork along the trim and on the inlaid playing surface.

It’s not flawless, though. The playing surface is plywood, and we’ve heard from buyers who got units with warped pieces that led to balls getting stuck in the middle. We’ve also seen a few isolated comments from people who had issues getting the table put together because of missing or misaligned components. That’s down to quality control rather than design issues, though. We still think the Chicago Gaming is the best foosball coffee table made in a factory.

DIY Foosball Coffee Tables: Our Tips & Suggestions

DIY foosball tables are fairly popular, since premium models are so pricey. You’ll also find that quite a few people try to DIY a foosball coffee table. There are so few decent options that it makes sense to, if you’re reasonably competent!

How do you go about creating a foosball coffee table in your workshop?

One approach is to start from scratch. You can find materials lists and instructions online and for free. That’s going to require a lot of skill, though. You’ll have to get all the mechanisms done precisely enough that you don’t impede gameplay.

It’s much easier to get a good, compact foosball table and convert it into a coffee table. You won’t need many materials, and you don’t actually need many tools either.

The first thing to do is to shorten the legs on the table you buy. If it’s got wood legs, just saw them down to the length you want. If that’s not feasible, just remove the legs and mount the table on wooden crates or a simple frame you’ve made from 2×4’s.

Next, you need to create a tabletop to fit over the playing field. Get yourself a sheet of plexiglass that’s cut to the size of your foosball table cabinet. Then, build a simple frame around it using 1” lumber. Think of it like a picture frame.

You want to size this so that the inner edges of the wood frame fit just around the cabinet of the table. If you use 1” lumber, you’ll create a nice lid on most cabinets without running into the rods. Of course, check your table to see whether you need more clearance. You can always use bigger lumber for your frame to stay above any protruding components.

Once you’ve got your legs shortened and your lid fitted, you should be good to go! You’ve now got yourself a nice, practical coffee table that’s easy to clean, with a lip to prevent things from getting knocked off. You’ve also got yourself a convenient foosball table you can play from your couch.

While we’re fond of the factory-made options we’ve recommended above, we think our DIY method of converting a standard foosball table down to coffee height is the best way to get premium performance in a lowered format.

What’s Next

If you’re going to try and convert a standard foosball table down to coffee table size, you’ll want to have a look at our buying guide to the best foosball tables! That’s an easy place to find a compact model which will convert easily for you.

You can also head over to our homepage to find reviews and recommendations for all your gameroom needs.