Best Soft-Tip Darts: Top Professional Brands To Buy

Best Soft-Tip Darts

Electronic dartboards are all the rage in the throwing community these days! They make for extremely convenient competitions, and offer tons of variety to keep your gameroom interesting.You won’t be able to use your old steel-tip darts with an electronic system, though. You’ll need to go soft-tip, with darts that can be used again and again without putting any wear on your dartboard. In fact, the best soft-tip darts can be used pretty much indefinitely!

For this guide, we’ve rounded up our favorite soft-tip darts to recommend to you. We’ve chosen a few different options, to suit different skill levels and budgets. You’ll find reviews of all our favorites below. We’ve also included some buying advice to help you choose your new set!

Picture Product Name Product Information Cost
Elkadart Neon Soft Tip Darts Elkadart Neon Soft-Tip Darts
  • Lightweight, aluminum shafts feature locking holes
  • Features 2BA Tufflex Tips II soft tip dart points that have a reinforced cone
  • weighs 18 grams
Elkadart Turbo Soft Tip Darts Elkadart Turbo Soft-Tip Darts
  • with Storage/Travel Case
  • 10 x 6 x 1 inches ; 14 pounds
Elkadart Black Mamba 80% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts Elkadart Black Mamba 80% Tungsten Soft-Tip Darts
  • Designed with high quality, 80% tungsten and 20% nickel barrels
  • with Storage/Travel Case

Best Soft-Tip Dart Reviews

Elkadart Neon Soft-Tip Darts

Elkadart Neon Soft Tip Darts

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The Elkadart Neon is the least expensive soft-tip dart we currently recommend. It’s well-designed, well-made, and quite resilient–three things that aren’t true of most similarly-priced darts. The Neon is a great choice for players who are new to darts. It’s on the heavier end of the spectrum, which is usually easier for beginners. It’s also affordable, which makes it a lot easier for new players to justify.

There’s a lot to love about the Neon, but we think the best thing is the overall quality. Sure, it throws well and lands securely (essential for any good dart) but so do some other inexpensive options. The difference is the level of quality control and resilience the Neon offers. Made entirely in England, it should last you for many, many rounds of play.

Elkadart Turbo Soft-Tip Darts

Elkadart Turbo Soft Tip Darts Click for Price

The Elkadart Turbo is a made-in-England gem like the Neon, with a range of upgrades that make it more suitable for the intermediate and advanced darts player. It’s available in a wide range of weights, to start, while the Neon only comes at 18g. You can choose anything from 10g to 18g. That makes it easy for players with more established preferences to suit their throwing style.

Playing with the Turbo is a delight, from the gnurled grip to the excellent balance. It has both good design and good execution–a rare thing these days! We think this is as nice as most players need.

Elkadart Black Mamba 80% Tungsten Soft-Tip Darts

Elkadart Black Mamba 80% Tungsten Soft Tip DartsClick for Price

For the most ambitious and experienced throwers, there’s no question in our minds that the Elkadart Black Mamba is the best soft-tip dart on the market. What makes it so special? It takes the look and feel of a premium steel-tip dart and simply swaps out the tip. The Black Mamba is made in the same style as Elkadart’s premium steel options, with a tungsten and nickel barrel. That makes it more resilient than the cheaper Elkadart models above, and also helps experienced tungsten throwers translate their skill more easily.

Overall, there’s not much to complain about with the Black Mamba. It’s made in England, has stellar quality all around, and plays well. You can get it in your weight of preference and it ought to last a very long time. The only real downside is the price. This is a premium dart by any measure, and has a price tag to match. If you’re not super concerned about your electronic darts feeling like your old steel set, you should be perfectly happy with the Turbo.


Which of these darts should you buy for the electronic dartboard in your gameroom?

If you’re on a tight budget or simply a casual player, go for the Neon. It’s by far the least expensive, and the least we think you can pay for a decent soft-tip dart that throws straight and lands well. It’s on the heavier side of things, though, so some experienced players might want to go for one of our other picks. The Neon also won’t last quite as long as the Black Mamba.

The Turbo is a good choice for the average player. You can get it in a wide range of weights, most of which are significantly lighter than the Neon. That makes it better for more advanced players who are better at handling lightweight darts. This is as nice as most folks need.

The Black Mamba is our suggestion to the most ambitious players who want the best of the best. It’s also ideal for someone who’s spent a lot of time with traditional steel-tip darts, since everything but the tip of the Black Mamba matches Elkadart’s steel lineup. However, most folks probably won’t need to spend quite this much.

Buying Guide

Here are a few pointers to help you choose your ideal soft-tip darts:

Find Your Weight

The biggest difference between high-quality soft-tip darts is usually the weight. Most of the darts we recommend are available in a range of weight options. It’s your job to figure out which one is the best fit for you! In general, beginners tend to do best with a heavier dart. More experienced players may want to go lighter. There’s no substitute for trial and error, though. Find somewhere you can try a range of weights before you buy.

Set Your Budget

Decent soft-tip darts can be found as cheaply as $3 apiece. They can also run you as much as $12 for a premium model. Figure out what’s a reasonable amount to be spending on your new set.

What’s Next

You can find out more about any of the soft-tip darts you see here by clicking on the links in our reviews. That’s the easiest way to check current prices, see your different weight options, and more!

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