Best Electronic Dartboard: Top Soft-Tip Brand Reviews For Home Play

Best Electronic Dartboard

Electronic dartboards and soft-tip darts are the latest craze in the world of competitive throwing. They offer easy scoring, exciting effects, and far longer playing life than any traditional bristle board. At least, they should! Many electronic dartboards are anything but exciting.

We’ve gone on a hunt to find the best electronic dartboards on the market today. We’ve reviewed dozens of different options, at a range of price points. After weeding out lots of dysfunctional, poorly-designed systems, we chose a few winners to recommend to you!

Below, you’ll find reviews of all our favorite electronic dartboards. We’ve also put together a short buying guide to help you decide which one is the best fit for your gameroom!

Picture Product Name Key Features Cost
WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard Set WIN.MAX Electronic Soft-Tip Dartboard Set
  • 21 exciting games with 65 variations
  • bright lcd display, 1-8 players
  • ultra-thin spider, wide catch ring
  • automatic scoring/voice announcer
Soft Darts Board DARTSLIVE-200S DARTSLIVE 200S Soft-Tip Dartboard
  • Improved Noise Reduction
  • DARTSLIVE system on your mobile device or tablet
  • DARTSLIVE rating calculation
Shelti Eye II Electronic Dart Board Shelti Eye II Electronic Dartboard
  • Phone-Style Keypad & LCD Menu Operation
  • Multiple Games & Game Options
  • Fold-in-Half Transportability
Spider 360 Galaxy 3 Home Edition Dartboard - YRB Spider 360 Galaxy 3 Home Edition Dartboard
  • Package comes with 6 darts and 500 pieces of .25-inch soft plastic tips
  • Other features include: multiple game options, auto or manual player options, and single or double bull option, 25/50

Best Electronic Dartboard Reviews

WIN.MAX Electronic Soft-Tip Dartboard Set

WIN.MAX Electronic Soft Tip Dartboard SetClick for Price

This WIN.MAX set is our inexpensive recommendation to buyers who are getting their first electronic dartboard, and to casual players who want to add darts to their gameroom without making a big investment. It’s pretty cheap and there aren’t many frills, but it covers all the basics and is quite user-friendly.

What sets this one apart from the other ultra-budget models? It’s not short of variety, for starters. There are 21 pre-programmed games to keep you engaged and interested. You can play with as many as 8 people. Most importantly, it plays better than the other cheap models. The darts land well, and it records scores accurately. Those should be givens, but they aren’t at this price! The fact that it comes with the darts included is just an added bonus.

DARTSLIVE 200S Soft-Tip Dartboard

Soft Darts Board DARTSLIVE-200SClick for Price

This DARTSLIVE setup is a good midrange choice for buyers who want something fancier than the WIN.MAX without shelling out for a premium setup. It’s easy to use with mobile apps, so you can wage competitions on your smartphone or tablet. You can also track your progress in practice sessions using the same app!

You don’t sacrifice any playability for those extra features, though! The darts stick extremely well and there aren’t any issues with bounceback. It’s nicely-made, feels solid, and ought to last through lots of use. All in all, it’s the best thing short of a commercial model (at 5x the price).

Shelti Eye II Electronic Dartboard

Shelti Eye II Electronic Dart BoardClick for Price

Shelti’s Eye II is one of two commercial-grade models we recommend in this category. It’s a full, standalone arcade-style setup with premium functionality. We suggest it to players who want premium performance in an arcade format without shelling out an extra grand on the Spider 360 below.

The Eye II is particularly unique in that it folds in half for transport. You probably won’t transport it often if you’re buying it for your gameroom, but the folding feature is super convenient for storing the unit away when you’re not playing. Something like this takes up a lot of space, so this is ideal for folks who love the idea of an arcade-style setup but can’t dedicate this much space to a permanent installation.

Spider 360 Galaxy 3 Home Edition Dartboard

Spider 360 Galaxy 3 Home Edition Dartboard - YRB

For the most passionate players with money to spend on a top-notch setup, we recommend the Spider 360 Galaxy 3. The Galaxy 3 costs several thousand dollars, and about $1K more than the Shelti, but it’s as good as you’re going to get in your home gameroom. It’s common in commercial installations, and this model is the same as the commercial version aside from the lack of online gameplay options. It’s rock-solid, versatile, and extremely fun to play.

This is a fully tricked-out model with a full-size LCD display, plus a full-size dartboard installed in the cabinet. It’s commercial-grade, so no amount of raucous partying is going to do damage to your dartboard! Best of all, it comes with a commercial quantity of tip replacements (500!) so you’re set for years and years of throwing.

As far as we’re concerned, there’s no downside to the Spider 360–aside from the staggering price tag.

Buying Guide

Get Comfortable With Unknown Brands

Electronic dartboards have been on the market for a number of years now, but they’re still something of a niche item. As a result, there are relatively few brands making them. Unless you’re going to invest in an arcade-caliber setup, chances are you’ll be buying something from an importer you probably won’t have heard of before.

That’s not as sketchy as it sounds–there are actually quite a few good imported setups available from Asian factories these days. They have surprisingly good app integration and are quite reliable.

Our only cautionary advice is to buy something that’s been on the market for a decent amount of time, with adequate feedback from real buyers that you can judge its legitimacy. Of course, the safest bet is to buy one of our recommendations!

Go Low Or Go High?

As we’ve mentioned, there’s a big discrepancy between the affordable, generic imported models available and the high-end electronic dartboard systems available from arcade manufacturers. You can either choose something affordable ($50-$500) or professional-grade ($2500+).

That’s a big gap, but it also offers some clarity. Most buyers won’t be able to afford the fancy setups, so they can immediately narrow down their options. If you play regularly and don’t have a tight budget, you might consider investing in a premium system. Just make sure you’ll get your money’s worth from it!

Scope Out The Darts

Last but not least, check to see whether darts are included with your new board. If not, be sure to find out which soft-tip models are compatible, so that you can easily get playing.

What’s Next

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You can learn more about any of the electronic dartboards reviewed above by clicking on the links in our reviews. That’s also an easy way to check current prices! Happy throwing!