Best Air Hockey Table: Full-Size System Reviews For Your Gameroom

Best Air Hockey Table

No gameroom is complete without an air hockey table! Air hockey is one of the most exciting games you can install at home, and it’s ideal for family game nights. The problem is, it can be very tricky to find a decent air hockey table to bring home. The best air hockey tables are powerful, rugged, and user-friendly Most consumer-grade air hockey tables are the opposite!

Our team has spent lots of time and effort on reviewing dozens of air hockey tables. We’ve looked at everything–from the super cheap options to the premium, commercial-grade models.

Below, we’ve rounded up the best air hockey tables on the market. These models top our rankings for power, playability, and value. Read on to find out why, and to see which one is the best choice for your gameroom!

Picture Product Name Product Information Cost
Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table • Dimensions: 87 x 48 x 19 inches • Special wear-resistant laminate top • Solid, low-profile, professional-style aluminum rails $
Valley-Dynamo 8ft Pro Style Air Hockey Table Valley-Dynamo 8’ Pro Style Air Hockey Table • Dimensions: 99.5in L x 51.5in W x 31in H / Weight: 435 lbs • Includes (2) Mallets and (2) 3.25in Pucks $$
Gold Standard Games Tournament Pro Elite Air Hockey Table Gold Standard Games Tournament Pro Elite • Dimensions: 106 x 60 x 41 inches ; 650 pounds • Comes with Professional-Style Low Profile, High-Density Aluminum Rails for Maximum Bounce and Bank-ability/ Commercial Blower for Championship-Level Air Flow $$$

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Best Air Hockey Table Reviews

Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table

Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey TableClick for Price

The Gold Standard Home Pro Elite is our budget recommendation for people who want a high-quality air hockey table without spending more than $2K. It’s the cheapest full-size setup we think is worth its salt. The Home Pro Elite might not have as many flashy features or conveniences as our pricier picks, but it offers all the key elements of a full-size air hockey table without breaking the bank.

The Home Pro Elite’s aluminum rails and resilient playing surface set it apart from any cheaper full-size models, and even some others at the same price. It doesn’t have many frills, but it’s sturdy and the blower system works well. Those are the essentials.

The scoring system isn’t as good as the ones on the Valley-Dynamo or the nicer Gold Standard below, though. The Home Pro Elite is also pretty loud. The more expensive models do a better job of insulating sound (though any air hockey table is going to make a fair amount of noise. You’ll also find that the more expensive models are even sturdier, meaning they ought to last even longer.

Valley-Dynamo 8’ Pro Style Air Hockey Table

Valley-Dynamo 8ft Pro Style Air Hockey TableClick for Price

This Valley-Dynamo system is a full-size air hockey table, like the Gold Standard Home Pro Elite. It’s heavier-duty, though, and has a more reliable scoring system. All in all, we think it’s a good midrange choice for folks who want something above average without paying a massive amount for our top-notch pick.

What are the key differences between the Home Pro Elite and the Valley-Dynamo? The Valley-Dynamo is built heavier, overall. It’s nearly 100 pounds heavier. That’s down to the commercial-grade cabinet and the playing surface, which is more rugged than the Home Pro Elite. There’s also a larger blower onboard, which makes for more satisfying gameplay and smoother action. You’ll definitely notice the improved blower when you play. We also appreciate the scoring system on this one, which is very consistent. That’s a key difference between this one and the Home Pro Elite.

Gold Standard Games Tournament Pro Elite

Gold Standard Games Tournament Pro Elite Air Hockey TableClick for Price

Our most expensive recommendation, the Gold Standard Tournament Pro Elite is the best air hockey table we’ve ever reviewed–period. It’s versatile, rugged, and commercial-grade in every respect. This is actually sold as a commercial model, only the version we recommend has a free-play button instead of a coin slot.

Why should you spend this much on an air hockey table? Well, not everyone should. This will run you nearly $5K, so make sure you play often and competitively enough to justify the expense. For passionate players, though, this is as good as air hockey gets. The blower is super strong, so pucks whizz along as fast as you can send them. The surface is practically bulletproof, as is the cabinet. We don’t see any reason why this wouldn’t last for decades of daily play.

It also has every convenience imaginable onboard. There’s an overhead scoring system and even a black-light mode for playing in the dark! You’ll never get bored of playing the Tournament Pro Elite.


Which of these air hockey tables should you buy for your home gameroom?

The Gold Standard Home Pro Elite is the obvious choice for those on a budget. It’s by far the cheapest, and still offers the experience of a full-size air hockey table. It works well, plays well, and should last for years of use. Just be aware that there aren’t as many conveniences or features as the Valley-Dynamo or the nicer Gold Standard Tournament Pro Elite.

The Valley-Dynamo is our recommendation to the average buyer. It’s priced neatly in the middle of the two Gold Standard models, and has every convenience short of an overhead scorekeeping system. We think it’s a good choice for home players who want a high-end system but don’t want to spend a full $5K on the Tournament Pro Elite.

Finally, for those who want the absolute best of the best, we recommend the Gold Standard Tournament Pro Elite. It’s the most resilient, versatile, and enjoyable air hockey table on the market. It includes every feature and convenience we love on the Home Pro Elite and the Valley-Dynamo, and then some. This is a commercial-grade system in every regard. We think it’s overkill for most folks, but passionate home players who want the ultimate system will love it.

Buying Guide

Plan To Make An Investment

It’s really not possible to get a full-size, fully-featured air hockey table for less than $1500. These are some of the most expensive pieces of gear you can install in a home gameroom. There’s a reason not everyone has one, after all! Plan on spending at least $1500, if not more, for your new gameroom centerpiece. The nicest models can cost as much as $5000. That’s a pretty big range, so decide what’s a sensible amount for you to spend. How often will you play air hockey? What can you afford? Answering all these questions up front will help you narrow down your options.

See our guide to the best air hockey tables under $500 if none of these models are within your means!

Plan Out The Practicals

Air hockey tables are big, bulky pieces of equipment. You’ll need a lot of room for them. You’ll also need to have them installed, which is no small undertaking. So, do your research up front! Check the dimensions of any air hockey table you’re thinking about buying. Make sure you’ve got room for it in your space. You should also research your delivery and installation options. You’ll need to be home to receive your system when it arrives, and you’ll probably want to pay for white-glove installation. It’s worth it with these machines.

What’s Next

We hope we’ve covered all your questions and concerns regarding air hockey tables. If we haven’t, let us know! You can find out more about any of the models we’ve recommended by clicking on the links in our reviews. Or, head to our homepage to see our other handy buying guides!