Best Air Hockey Pucks & Paddles: Professional Gear For Your Gameroom

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Best Air Hockey Pucks & Paddles

Getting yourself a high-quality air hockey table is the single best thing you can do to ensure a great game. Still, having decent pucks and paddles makes a big difference as well! Whether you’re a casual beginner or a professional player with years of experience, using the best air hockey pucks and paddles will take your game to the next level.

Sadly, it’s even harder to find decent pucks and paddles than it is to find decent air hockey tables these days! There’s a flood of cheap, generic crap on the market which makes it very difficult for buyers to find gear that’s the real deal.

We’ve spent the time and energy to comb through all the shoddy equipment and find a few sets of high-quality paddles and pucks to recommend to you. Below, you’ll find all the models that topped our rankings, along with helpful reviews that explain why we’ve chosen these particular models and which you should invest in.

Read on to see our favorites!

PictureProduct NameProduct InformationCost
Home Standard Light Weight Air Hockey Red Replacement Pucks & Slider Pusher Goalies for Game Tables Super Outlet Home Standard Lightweight Air Hockey Red Replacement Pucks & Slider Pusher Goalies • pack of 4 pucks & 2 sliders • These lightweight pucks (approx 13 grams) measure at 2.5" inches in diameter and are approximately 0.25" tall. The paddles measure at 3.75" in diameter and stand 2.5" tall. $
Dynamo Air Hockey Pucks Set - Includes 2 Airhockey Pucks Dynamo Air Hockey Pucks Set • Set of 2 pucks • Each puck is 2-1/2" in diameter • weight 0.64 ounces $$
Dynamo Air Hockey Goalie Mallet Set Dynamo Air Hockey Goalie Mallet Set •Set of 2 Mallets • Heavy Duty, Commerical Quality • Official Dynamo Replacement Set $$$

Best Air Hockey Pucks & Paddles

Super Outlet Home Standard Lightweight Air Hockey Red Replacement Pucks & Slider Pusher Goalies

Home Standard Light Weight Air Hockey Red Replacement Pucks & Slider Pusher Goalies for Game TablesClick for Price

This Home Standard set is one of dozens of generic, imported sets you can find online these days. They’re practically all identical, with bright red paddles and pucks. While the Home Standard is better than the other cheap sets, it’s still not comparable to professional-grade gear like the Dynamo products below. Having said that, it’s an excellent value for casual players who don’t need anything fancy.

This set includes 4 pucks and 2 paddles. There’s nothing fancy or high-end here, but the key components are all present. The paddles have felt on the bottom, so they won’t scuff up your playing surface. The lightweight pucks are a good fit for smaller tables which don’t have super powerful blower systems. They’re a compact 2.5” size (used on compact tables), as opposed to 3.25” but they move around nice and nimbly.

Don’t use these on a high-end table, though. The pucks are too lightweight, and will end up flying off the playing surface. The paddles aren’t the most resilient, either. You’ll probably have to re-glue the felt on at some point. All in all, this is a cheap set. Know what you’re getting before you buy! If you play every day or have a high-end air hockey table, you should invest in the Dynamo pucks and paddles below.

Dynamo Air Hockey Pucks Set

Dynamo Air Hockey Pucks Set - Includes 2 Airhockey PucksClick for Price

Dynamo is where it’s at as far as high-end air hockey equipment. This company makes the best pucks and paddles on the market, and the competition aren’t even close. This is a Dynamo puck set with a few different sizes available. You can get either 2.5” compact pucks or 3.25” full-size pucks. These cost several times as much as the Super Outlets and the other generic options, but they last much longer and play far better.

The biggest difference between the Dynamo pucks and others on the market is their weight. These are much heavier than your average puck, at close to 19g. You can’t use them on compact or underpowered tables, but they’re absolute rockstars on a good table with a powerful blower. They stay on the table, travel smoothly, and connect very well with paddles. If you can afford them and have a table that will power them, get them!

Dynamo Air Hockey Goalie Mallet Set

Dynamo Air Hockey Goalie Mallet SetClick for Price

These Dynamo paddles are our top quality recommendation for your gameroom. They’re competition-grade in every regard. They’re rugged, ergonomic, and smooth. They’re also certified for tournament use, so you can have your own serious comp in the gameroom.

Why spend this much on a set of paddles? For one thing, you won’t need to buy replacements nearly as often. These last for a very, very long time. They’re made from extremely dense plastic that knocks the generic imports out of the park. They’re also made to a high degree of quality control, which means that the smooth bottoms don’t need any felt. They play better without it and won’t leave marks on your surface. The design is better than average, too. The finger wells are deep enough to protect your fingers.


Which of our recommendations should you buy?

The Super Outlet set is the obvious choice for a small table and a tight budget. If you have a full-size table, you’re going to need to invest in the Dynamo gear. Anything else will be too light and flimsy to use.

Buying Guide

Here are a few pointers to help you choose between our recommendations:

First, know your table! Before you can choose appropriate pucks and paddles, you need to think about what size table you have, and how powerful the blower is. If you have a small table with a weaker blower, you’ll want smaller pucks with a lighter weight. For full-size tables with powerful blowers, you’ll want to choose full-size pucks with a heavier weight.

Second, think about your budget. You can get some cheap, serviceable paddles and pucks for as little as $10. You’ll probably have to replace them quickly, though. Nicer pucks can cost as much as $5 apiece, and nicer paddles will run you $10+ each.

What’s Next

Find out more about any of the pucks or paddles you’ve seen here by clicking on the links in our reviews. That’s the easiest way to check current prices, see size and color options, and more!

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